Reviewing articles

There are many good items on how to review articles, etc. As I've said before, I particularly like Baruch, Sullivan, and Schepmyer (2006).

I've just signed up to review for the Academy of Management, and they require one to have read—and to confirm that one has read—Romanelli (1996), Leblebici (1996), and Schawb (1985).

These three articles are largely personal reflections, the describe how those authors go about the reviewing process and how they come to their decisions. These are insiders (Unruh, 1979; 1980) seeking to help those more at the periphery (e.g., me) to become more expert, more 'central' than they were/are. What's interesting here—aside from the usefulness of the articles themselves—is the manner in which they do it. This isn't prescriptive, in the way that Baruch is, this is more descriptive.

One has to, to a larger extent, work out or create ones own logic, to make sense of (Weick, 1995) what is going on. In other words, they are a guide for regulars rather than outsiders or tourists.


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