Yale on writing

    Yale college has some of the best resources on writing that I have come across. One of the challenges teachers face is to what extent should they draw on others material, as opposed to writing their own "guides".

    For example, the Yale material does not quite fit in some areas. Should I:

    • Refer students to their resource and not worry about the few minor gaps/differences. In other words should I assume that students can bridge the gaps themselves
    • Refer students, as above, but write some extra guidance to bridge the gaps
    • Write my own guide from scratch that explicit meets all of our needs, but may not be as good overall as the Yale guide

    Thinking about it, favour the first option. Students will, as they go through life, be faced with gaps between what they know/find and what is needed. They need to develop enough good judgement to do that themselves. If I remove all ambiguity (the last two options above), how can they develop that skill/expertise.

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