Before and after

If I'm to believe my scales, I am now 30Kg lighter than at "peak Peter". So it's time for a before and after shot. However, I was surprised when going back through my extensive photo archive, how I've managed to avoid being photographed over the years … I wonder why.

Anyway, here is a before from a couple of years ago:

Big Peter

Perhaps this photo shows why I avoided having my picture taken. Anyway, having lost some weight, I'm now doing some running and here is a picture of me at the recent Cathay Pacific half marathon.

Cathy Pacific half-marathon

That's quite a different look for me, and I'm still getting used to it (as are the people I work with).

My current fitness goals are to do a half-marathon in 1:40:00 or less (a New York marathon qualifying time for someone my age), and to do a full marathon in 3 hours 40 or less.

I'll try for the 1:40 at Huntly half-marathon later this year, and the 3:40 at the Auckland marathon.

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