PBs and PRs

A summary of my Personal Bests (PBs) and Personal Records (PRs) for my running.

Distance Time Pace When Where Goal time Goal pace
Mile 6:23 4:00 02-01-2012 Lovelock track 6:15 3:55
5 Km 20:19 4:03 06-12-2011 O'Hagans 5k run 20:00 4:00
10 Km 45:18 4:34 06-05-2012 Run Auckland 42:30 4:15
21.1 Km 01:38:04 4:38 22-05-2011 Huntley half-marathon 1:35:00 4:30
42.2 Km 03:43:55 5:18 30-10-2011 Auckland Marathon 3:30:00 4:58

I am following a training plan that typically sees me doing three runs per week. A tempo run, a fartlek or sprints type of run, and a long run. The first two are short runs, between 10 and 15 Km. My long run is typically between 25 and 32 Km. This year, I'll be doing some work to improve my pace and to improve my tolerance for hills.

So, whilst my goals require some stretch, I think they are achievable.

I'm not being lured into long (long) distance running as, unlike Andrew, ultra-marathons hold no interest to me.

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