Peer Evaluations

    Our BUSINESS 101 course (aka Business and Enterprise) is based on Team-based learning and has an element of peer evaluation.This is based on the Michaelson (percentage) method.

    We have just completed a practice run through and the results are quite interesting (but not unexpected).

    Practice Peer Evaluation results for BUSINESS 101, Semester 1, 2011

    Practice Peer Evaluation results for BUSINESS 101, Semester 1, 2011

    Approximately half the class completed the practice team review.

    The distribution looks pretty normal (as many are above 100 as below 100). The tails are driven (in this practice session) by either a) teams were only one or two people provided feedback, or b) where people are actually no longer in the team (at the bottom).

    No doubt there will be some (understandable) angst from those who are significantly below the 100, especially if the feedback from their peers does not articulate well why they scored lowly. For these people, I'm always happy to facilitate a discussion with their team so they can figure out what they need to improve to get a better score from their team-members.

    In the finial (actual) peer evaluation, I'd expect the distribution to tighten up somewhat.

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