North Shore marathon

28 August 2011

Today was the North Shore marathon. My overall time was 4:03:09 which placed me 48th overall and almost exact one hour behind the best in my age group (3:03:40). I guess I have a bit of training to do yet.

The race was harder than I expected. I hadn’t studied the route to well, and so I was surprised to find that it went up North Head and along the beach for 1 Km. That wouldn’t have been too bad, but as the marathon consisted of two laps I had to do it twice. Oh, well; I’ll know for next time.

However, one of my goals was not to over do it, as I am flying out to the UK today. And that goal has been well met. Because of timezone differences, I found myself walking around San Francisco for many hours today with no aches and pains from the run.

So, whilst I didn’t break four hours, I didn’t break myself either.

Now its time to continue working on my prep for the Auckland Marathon.