Run Auckland

I never got around to completing my posts on RUN Auckland.

Overall, and despite only completing five out of the six races, I was fourth in my age group. I regard that as quite an achievement since I've only really been running a year. My times were:

  • 00:48:32 – Remuera
  • 00:48:49 – Te Atatu
  • 00:47:59 – Bucklands Beach
  • 00:53:31 – Northcote Point
  • 00:46:47 – Western Springs

A consistent result. The outlier is Northcote Point. My race report on Daily Mile begins "Hills. Need I say more".

That's one thing I need to continue to work on is my hill running. Going up, and going down. But to do it well I need to shed around about another 7 Kg and get down to 70 Kg. Let's see if I can do that before the Auckland Marathon.

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