Traffic and Ramblings

    There has been a little bump in traffic, so I've kicked off AW Stats process to workout what/who//etc/ is happening.

    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Ding.

    Okay, it looks like some of my current students have rumbled that this blog exists. That's a bit later in the course than usual, but not unexpected. Most are using computers at the University, and a few are doing it from home. Looking at the logs, it's still a surprise to me, how late (or early) they're using their computers; but I guess I was the same when I was at their age. I recall pulling many all-nighters as I worked on various projects.

    So, to all the students from BUSINESS 101 and BUSINESS 102, welcome. Oh, and if any of the MGMT 302 or SCIENT 706 students are here, welcome too.

    I think this will serve as a reminder that I need to be posting more often, and perhaps posting more interesting stuff.

    I finished writing the examination for BUSINESS 102 yesterday, and Doug's be reviewing it today. I'm pretty pleased with it, and Dough thinks that it is rather good. It's reminiscent of the previous one for BUSINESS 101 and it covers the whole course. No doubt we'll be putting up formal guidance on the form and style of the examination on Cecil.

    I wonder whatever happened to the person who said they wanted to work through getting an A-grade concept map. Perhaps their assignment workload caught up with them.

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