Auckland marathon 2011

A new marathon personal record (PR) of 3:43:55 . In hindsight I probably made the rookie mistake of going out too fast at the start of the race … I was certainly telling myself that around the 30k mark (where I found it increasingly hard to hit my target pace). It was great to see Kim W. Louise S. Andrew E. and Malcolm. Perhaps the hardest part of the race was trying to stand up after I had sat on the floor to remove my timing-chip. All in all, I happy to have beaten my previous record by 19 minutes. Note to self; is that a BQ time for my age group … no, needed 3:30 for Boston or New York. Oh well, that's just a 13 minute improvement or 20 second reduction in my average pace :)

My soft goal was 5:30, my firm goal was 5:10, and my hard goal was 5:00 … so I ended up half-way between my soft goal and my firm goal. Okay, there are a few lessons there.

The official results are below. I'm blown away to be in the top 18% and 22 out of 123 in my age group.

For the first half of the marathon, my average pace was 5:03 whereas for the second half I managed 5:33. You can can clearly see the slowdown from hitting "the wall".

I need to do more long distance training (beyond 32Km), some low heart-rate training, and sort out my nutrition during races. That should all help to delay the onset on "the wall'.

Auckland Marathon 2011

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