Fitness assessment

    It's been awhile since I've had a fitness assessment. The last times were in 2002 and 2004. So, here we are, about 10 years on from the first one. Let's compare today's results with history.

    Today 2004 2002
    Weight (Kg) 79.5 99.08 111.25
    Height (cm\_ 174 176 173
    Blood pressure 135/80 150/90
    Resting-pulse rate (bpm) 52 60 102
    Body composition
    Triceps 13mm 24mm 27mm
    Subscapular 21mm 27mm 28mm
    Suprapsinal 18mm 26mm 41mm
    Medial calf 27mm 32mm
    Sum of skin folds 114mm 132mm
    Hip to waist 0.97 0.92 1.02
    Body fat 17%
    Astrand Submaximal
    Cycle Erometer test
    Estimated VO2 Max 49.18 33.0 15.6
    Sit & reach Excellent Very good Good
    Thomas test Left normal, right good. Left quad a little Tight quads,
    Flexors good. tighter than the right, hip flexors good
    ITB left, excellent, hip flexors good
    ITB right, below min
    Shoulder assessment Below minimum Okay Good
    Push ups 10 (wimped out) 19
    Sit ups 14 9

    Of course, this is all age dependent.

    So, my body fat is 17%. This is in the good range, but I'd like to loose another 10Kg. The trainer (Aimee) reckons that with the weight (muscle) I'll put on from training, I should only get a 5Kg reduction, and that—in combination—will take my fat down to about 10% (and apparently, we don't want to go much lower than that).

    So, some interesting changes and improvements. Clearly running has had a good impact, but I've been neglecting some parts of my body.

    I wonder what I might do about my shoulders.

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