The cutting edge

    I've not really used an electric razor. For a while I had a Philishave and a Braun, but for a longtime I've been using one kind or another of Gillette twin-blade cartridge razor. I've tried the three/five blade variations, but I've not really noticed a difference in performance and the larger "head' seemed to make it a little more clumsy.

    Last month I bought a Edwin Jagger DE89 double-edge razor. It uses 'old-fashioned' razor blades. Having ordered it from Amazon there was a 10-day wait for it to come from the US. So, I bought a cheap Dorco PL-510 razor from 2 shop. It came with two Korean made Dorco blades. It was an interesting experience. The plastic razor didn't move smoothly over my face. It felt very much like a disposable twin-blade razor.

    And then my Edwin Jagger turned up (along with five Derby razors).

    Smooth. Not at all "tuggy'. Well that's not entirely true. It's become clear that the quality of the shave—especially how tuggy it feels—is a function of how much time I've spent softening by beard (ideally for a few minutes in the shower).

    I've worked my way through the Derby blades, and I've tried the Dorco blade with the Edwin Jagger. It worked fine, no real difference Derby.

    So, tomorrow I'll change to some Bic DE razor blades and see how well they work.

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