Graduate Profiles and Curriculum Mapping

    At a recent seminar series on learning and teaching there were a couple of presentations on Graduate Profiles and on Curriculum Mapping.

    A Graduate Profile describes what the output of the University should look like in terms of the attributes its graduates should display. Curriculum Mapping is a process of matching what goes on inside of courses to the aforementioned graduate attributes in the Graduate Profile.

    In other words, its a process of showing how processes inside the University connect to its outputs.

    It all sounds very good.

    And yet …

    … and yet I can find no evidence (empirical or otherwise)-to suggest that either Graduate Profiles or Curriculum Mapping have any impact on education outcomes. Do they-result in, say, either greater effectiveness or efficiency somewhere?

    I do not know.

    So, I am left wondering if they are 'just' legitimacy exercises? Do we do them because everyone else does them?

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