So many ISPs

    I've been going back through my old posts to make sure that they are being rendered correctly by Pelican.

    As I have done that, its reminded me of the number of different ISPs I have been with over the years. Of course there is Spar/Telecom, TelstraClear, Clear, Paradise, Oricon, and then for a period I used a small ISP on the South Island.

    They were pretty good too.

    Most of the time—if not all of the time—I've changed to get been capacity (often at the same price as before). So, over the years I've ended up paying about the same each month for ever faster connections.

    Oh, I remember the wonder of my first 1Mb ADSL link. That was a magnificent change from my 2,400 modem.

    And now days, I'm on a 100Mb fibre link. How times have changed.

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