A brand new day

    Well it is a new semester anyway; the weekend before the start of semester 1 of 2015, and I am putting together the final touches to the course. I think it has started well with the kick-off video that I emailed to students this week. I hope it gets them excited and motivated ahead of the first class. On Monday, I will send it out to any newcomers to the class.

    I plan to do three things this weekend. First, I need to write some practice quiz questions. I am planning to use a combination of QuestionMark and my scanning software–but I am wondering if I should use QuestionMark as there will be a new LMS next year. Second, I am going to write a new teaching note on how to take a position on a case–the challenge there is to keep it to a size that is useful without it becoming a book. Finally, I shall revisit my Week 1 slide-deck. They are the only slides I really use in the whole of the course and I want to incorporate the takeaways I got from last year when I did it (each year, I think the deck improves).

    Also on Monday, I will print out the name cards for each member of the class. It makes life so much easier when I can use everyone's name.

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