Brown smarties

    I've been delayed in putting up the list of reviewers because so many of the class have not labelled their journal entries correctly.

    As I skimmed those entries, I was reminded of the brown smarties rider. Almost very journal that was missing labels seemed to suffer from major flaws, such as:

    • No clear problem
    • No sense of what action the author will no take based on what they have learnt from last week
    • A focus on what the team has learnt (or what they think the team has learnt) rather than their own learning.
    • Being something more like a "Dear diary", than a reflective learning journal as described by Daudelin.

    It is almost as if the lack of care in labelling their journal was mirrored by a lack of care in actually doing a journal (and in particular lacking evidence of doing the four steps described by Daudelin).

    Now that I have fixed up most of the missing labels, move journals into the correct location, I can get on to assigning reviews. Of course, if you've posted your learning journal outside of the MGMT 300 space, then you won't be allocated reviewers (or be allocated as a reviewer).

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