A fork in the road

    I've noticed that my feedback to students is bifurcating; I seem to be going down one of two paths.

    Much of my feedback is of the form "You're not doing the basics well yet. Go back to Daudelin and slavishly follow her approach". At this point in time, I worry about these people as they may not have sufficient quality material (in the form of the learning journals) to do a passable summative learning journal.

    However, some students have clearly mastered the basics and are probably ready for feedback that is going to take them to another level. For these students, I have no worries about them doing a good job of the summative learning journal. The only question in my mind is how high a grade will they get.

    So, I hope no-one is too surprised if I start to put some stretch goals in front of them vis-a-vis the learning journals (in fact they should feel pleased that they are doing well).

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