The Auckland marathon #4

An ugly PB, but a PB nevertheless.

Missed my target by about 12 mins :(

In compensating for my hamstring (whatever is going on there) I overloaded my quads. I began to notice it around 23 km and managed to keep it in check until 32 km. By 36 Km I had to resort to stretches and walking. By 38 km it was cruel, very cruel. But I dug in and ran the last kilometre. And still got a PB. Only a minute or so …

The basic plan was good; easy up the hills. Constant effort. The weather was pretty good for running, although it was breezy crossing the harbour bridge. The Japanese drummers on the bridge were exceptional.

The massage afterwards was good. The ASICS hospitality tent was perfect with its beer (for Lisa) and bacon butties for me.

My Auckland marathon results for 2015

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