Hudson and Halls live!

    Wow! We went to see the Silo Theatre put on "Hudson and Halls live!" at the Herald Theatre. At the beginning of the year, Lisa bought us season tickets to the Silo Theatre and this was the last production in the season.

    We have really enjoyed the season; we have seen some great plays. But, today's show was the icing on the cake. So very, very, good.

    The three main characters (Todd Emerson as Peter Hudson, Chris Parker as David Halls, and Jackie van Beek as Ngaire Watkins) were outstanding. Although it wasn't obvious at the start, each played an equal role in the story, and each brought dramatic intensity to their parts. I particularly liked Jackie van Beek, but that might have just been her pale blue jumpsuit. But seriously, they all did a great job.

    The staging of show was excellent. We were set up as if we were going to see a live recording of Hudson and Halls back in the 1980s. The floor manager (Jackie) brought us into the theatre and explain when and how we were to clap. It just kept on getting better from there.

    There was even audience participation, and I was a little surprised that Lisa volunteered to be part of that … that shows how engaging the play was.

    Chris Parker (Halls) did a great job during the interval in the bar, having stormed out of the "recording". He did some excellent improv with audience members in the bar.

    So, all in all, wow!

    I hope Santa gets Lisa and I season tickets for next year too. Although that might be tricky with me being away so much on sabbatical.

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