Synology, chown and Google Drive

I have a small NAS where I back up all my data. Being a wee bit paranoid, I take a nightly snapshot (using rsnapshot) of all the data too. I also sync the data to a Google Drive account. So far so good.

The NAS is, amongst other things connected to a box running FreeBSD. Ah, the joys of user IDs across multiple machines. To cut a long story short I need to fix some ownership permissions. So, with narry a thought I did a quick:

chown -R psmith /volume1/homes/psmith

Ownership problems fixed!

Alas, a fair few files were touched by the chown, and now the NAS is busy sync 30,000+ files to Google Drive. That is going to take a while. Previous experiences tells me it will take about a week to transfer the 1Tb or so to Google Drive.

Interestingly, the backup using rsnapshot was not impacted that way. The incremental change in data was on 11Gb, which–on a daily basis–is not unusual.

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