Project Scribe

The final step in much (most/all) research is writing up the research for some sort of publication. For me, this usually means writing a journal article or a conference paper. I have noted elsewhere about the power of the forty-paragraphs structure in putting together a journal article. But there is much more to getting ones work published.

So, I was delighted to find Charlotte Cloutier's excellent site Project Scribe.

There are a raft of resources here; mainly interviews with editors, authors, and reviewers in the academic world of 'organizational studies'. In doing so, it meets Charlotte's aspirations for the site:

Writing academic articles can be quite hard work, and academia, especially for those starting out, can be quite the lonely place. I see my personal investment in this blog as a means of trying to overcome a bit of that: to give you tips, ideas and inspiration to help you along when the going gets tough, and to share what others have experienced, so that we can all learn from it.

Thanks Charlotte (and your collaborators) for a great (and ongoing) resource.

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