Crunching numbers

For those who know me, it my come as a little surprise that I do some quantitative based research and that my weapon of choice is R.

Over the past couple of days, I have been analysing some data about the performance of students in courses. To start with, I have used correlations to get a feel for what relationships might exist.

I was having a problem with corrplot and corrplot.mixed and in working my way through the problem I came across this page by Kieran Healy and his paper on Data visualization in sociology.

It was very helpful (and worth a read).

Anyway, here is one of my visualizations showing the correlations between the performance of a group of students between courses.

Correlations between courses

But there is a coincidence here. The template/design of this site is was largely based on Kieran's own site; if you have followed the links in this post, I am sure you will see the similarities. Thanks Kieran!

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