Sizing coffee

Coffee shots

A single shot of coffee uses about 7.5 g of beans and produces about 30 ml of coffee (including the crema), with a double shot using 15g (or there abouts) of beans, giving 60 ml of coffee.

So, how much coffee to milk should I be using?

  • Macchiato, one shot and a splash of milk
  • Cortado is 1:1. For a single that's about 30 + 30 = 60ml. For a double that's 120ml
  • Flat white is 1:4. For single that's 30 + 120 = 150ml, for a double that's 300ml
  • Latte is 1:3. For a single, that's 30 + 90 = 120ml, and a double is 240ml.

We have three sizes of Duralex Picardie glasses that we use for coffee.

  • 90ml (3 fl oz). These are good for espressos, macchiatos, or single cortados (60ml)
  • 130ml (4.5 fl oz). Double cortado (120ml). Single latte (120ml)
  • 160ml (5.5 fl oz). Single flat-white (150ml)
  • 300ml (10 oz). Double flat-white (300ml). Double Latte (240 ml, that's a good bit of room at the top).

Remember a cortado is stronger than a latte, and a latte is stronger than a flat-white.

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