Design-less thinking

I found myself participating in a workshop on Friday based on the principles of 'design thinking'.

According to Wikipedia, design thinking:

refers to creative strategies designers utilizer during the process of designing. Design thinking is also an approach that can be used to consider issues and resolve problems more broadly than within professional design practice, and has been applied in business and to social issues.

The process of design thinking is seen as a number of stages being:

  • Inspiration,
  • Ideation, and
  • Implementation.

The workshop I attended was lead by a couple of experienced IT folk from IBM who have applied design thinking in a number of contexts.

The initial talk at the workshop was around design aesthetics and elegance. However, the process driven approach to the workshop—coupled with the fact that none of the participants were/are designers meant that the solutions that were surfaced were neither aesthetically pleasing, nor elegant. Indeed, given the participants how could it have been any other way.

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