Bye bye g-suite

    Here at the University of Auckland, everyone—students and staff—get a free Google account hanging of the back of the domain. The really nice thing is that it gives you unlimited storage (Gmail, Google Drive, etc) for life; even after you have left the University.

    I have been using it, problem free, as my main email and cloud-based storage for a few years now.

    Alas, it is less than clear to me who at the university also has access to 'my' data.

    So, over the weekend I moved off the university's account and onto my (own) accounts with gmail (for mail) and Dropbox (for cloud-based storage and collaboration).

    The move to Dropbox was pretty easy, remove Google Drive, install Dropbox and sync. A few hours later everything is in Dropbox. Once it was there, I re-synced my NAS to Dropbox (instead of Google Drive), which only took an hour or so. No problems so far.

    Moving my email was a little tricker. Google have a migration tool, but after transferring about 400 of the 160,0000 emails I have, it seemed to stall. So I moved over to using Got your back to download from the old account (pretty fast), and upload it to my new account (much much slower, but that probably is a Google issue. I had used this tool before when I split my email into work and home accounts (when I originally moved my email onto the domain).

    Since then the tool has gotten even better. It handles labels, and—maybe more importantly—seems to handle duplicate emails.

    All good, and relatively easy.

    I am also using this as an excuse to go through all the on-line services I use (e.g., SmashRun to either rationalise my email address (I had at least seven) or to delete unused accounts. It's good to be a tidy kiwi.

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