Course (re)design

    I am in the process of redesigning BUSINESS 705 Qualitative Research Methods. Why? Well this will be the first time I am teaching this course, and a redesign serves two purposes. First, it allows the course content to be updated. Secondly, it forces me to engage with the material in a deeper way. The process of actually having to teach something, for me, helps to clarify/crystalise out my own understanding of the topic.

    It is not an easy process; I do not have a sense of how the class will feel.

    Of course I have many tools to help with the process; constructive alignment, backwards design, and so on. But for me, I need to know the shape of the beast. To use the metaphor of dress-making; one might know all about the fabrics and their pros and cons, the different ways of cutting and stitching fabric … but with out the sense of the final piece of clothing, one is likely to end up with something utilitarian that engenders little joy or excitement.

    I have signed up for CleAR's workshop on course (re)design to help keep me moving forward. But, I'm still looking for my creative 'in' to the design of BUSINESS 705.

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    Word count: 300 (about 1 minutes)


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