Mime types on AWS S3

    I serve up a number of static websites by hosting them on Amazon's AWS S3. It is a local cost, efficient way to maintain a presence on the web.

    Recently, I had some problems with websites not rendering correctly because of problems with javascript and css. I eventually tracked the problem down to files being stored with the wrong MIME type, so when they were being served to client browsers, they were not be interpreted correctly.

    For example, the .css files were being stored with a meta-data type (MIME type) of text/plain rather than text/css.

    My first solution was to use a small script to go through an S3 bucket and fix up the meta-data (by copying the file in-place).

    aws s3 cp \
          --exclude "*" \
          --include "*.css" \
          --content-type="text/css"  \
          --metadata-directive="REPLACE" \
          --recursive \
           s3:// \

    This worked pretty well, but it seemed wrong to have to fix things up after having uploaded them. I know I can specify the MIME type of individual files as I upload them, but when uploading a directory tree, that seems messy and complicated.

    I then stumbled on a piece that suggested instead of using s3cmd to guess the MIME Type doing something like this:

    s3cmd sync -P --guess-mime-type --delete-removed  \
        $TARGET  s3://

    However, before I got round to implement it, I then found out that the s3cmd is considered 'old' and that instead of using that python tool to work with my S3 buckets, I should be using Amazon's CLI tool, aws.

    So my upload script was modified to include:

    aws s3 sync $TARGET  s3://  --delete --only-show-errors

    And now everything (all my file types, including images, PDFs, etc) seem to be getting the right MIME type set in their meta-data, and all is good with my websites.

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