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    I was talking with a colleague today, who is keen to start doing some blogging. She has recently enrolled in an on-line course at the University of British Colombia, and is eager to track her learning through some form of reflective journal.

    So, what to use. Her first instinct is to go with the University's Wordpress platform. After all, if there are any problems with the platform then the responsibility lies with UBC, rather than her.

    However, my view is that in many ways, Wordpress is the Microsoft Office of the blogging world. It feels easy to use, but as soon as one wants to do something different, life gets messy and complicated.

    So, my suggestion to her was to use something like Ghost (now out of beta), or Jekyll on GitHub pages. All very reliable platforms … and I don't think the learning curve is really any steeper than for WordPress (different, yes; but not steeper).

    I'll be interested to see what she goes with.

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