Pilot MR

I do enjoy writing with a fountain pen. I really, got into them when I realised I could mark assignments much quicker, and with less hand fatigue, if I used a fountain pen. That was a loooong time ago when assignments where usually (always?) printed or even handwritten on paper.

Today, I brought a Pilot MR, and for good measure I also brought a bottle of Orange Indein ink made by Herbin.

The Pilot MR

Kim at Fitzgeral Taylor suggested that the ink might not be a good match with the type of notebooks I used, because the paper is a cream colour, rather than pure white. Looking at the writing sample, I've done, I see what she means. But who can resits such a gorgeous ink?

Writing sample with the Pilot MR

The pen itself, is a little 'scratchy'. Mind you, it is the cheapest Pilot pen I've ever bough (at under $40). I'll give it some time and see it the steel knib 'breaks in'.

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