Got to write

I find blogging such a useful process for driving my own reflection. But of late, I've not done a lot of that.

I know that there are ebbs and flows in this type of work, but the tide has be out for a long, long time. It's too much like Western-super-Mare, where the tide seems to go out for miles.

As a first step to writing more here, I had a look at the layout of my blog as I thought it felt stale. But, having revisited it today, I think it looks petty okay. Yes, there a couple of minor things I need to do, but not a complete revamp.

There are a couple of typos to be fixed, and I think I might change to a sans-serif font. But aside from that I don't think there is much I want to change at the moment.

So, if I don't need to revamp the site, I guess I'll just have to write.

If you webmention this page, please let me know the URL of your page.

BTW: Your webmention won't show up until I next "build" my site.

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