External protocols

    I have been trying to get org-protcol-capture working, so I can have a bookmark in Chrome that will send/save the details to an org-mode file (well, my

    So far so good, but every time I fire the bookmark, Chrome stops and asks me if I really want to do that. But I've found a fix.

    At there are details of a registry entry that can be tweaked, so one can permanently accept such protocol calls.

    Show an "Always open" checkbox in external protocol dialog.
    Supported on: Google Chrome (Linux, Mac, Windows) since version 79
    Description: This policy controls whether or not the "Always open"
      checkbox is shown on external protocol launch confirmation 
    If this policy is set to True, when an external protocol confirmation is shown, the user may choose to "Always open" the protocol without future confirmation prompts.
    If this policy is set to False or not set, the "Always open" checkbox is not displayed and the user will be prompted each time an external protocol is invoked.
    Supported features:
    Dynamic Policy Refresh: No
    Per Profile: Yes
    Data type: Boolean
    Windows registry location: Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox
    Example value (Windows): 0x00000001

    I had to create everything from Google onwards in the registry.

    FYI entering 0x00000001 in the regedit, is done as 01 00 00 00

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