21 July 2020

Markingdown markdown

I used to use Markdown a lot. But, increasingly, org-mode has taken over as my 'formatter' of choice (yes, formatter isn't the right word, but it will do here).

So, with this blog post, I am moving over to org-mode.

The big question that I have yet to answer is, "Should I move my old posts from markdown to org-mode formatting? It would not be a trivial task, even with some scripting. Let's see how it goes :)

As, something of a codicil, I also moved to the latest version of Hugo (0.74.2). This necessitated me going through and fixing/updating some of my templates around RSS handling and date formatting. Template debugging is no fun.

Update <2020-09-20 Sun>: The date in header of a .org file (to work with Hugo) needs to look like this:

#+title: Markingdown markdown
#+subtitle: Moving to orgmode
#+date: <2020-07-21 Tue>
#+categories[]: blogging, technology

Not the brackets and the day of the week. This is how most dates in org-mode are written.