Calendars with MS Exchange and Orgmode: Across the great divide

The problem

I need to use the calendar provided by MS Exchange and Outlook at work. More correctly, it is Exchange365 and Outlook365. But as an Org Mode user, I really want to see my Exchange calendar—my meetings etc—in the Agenda of Org Mode. Not all the details, but enough to see that they are there.

The solution

I publish my calendar for Exchange with all the details. That creates a URL that I can use with wget to suck everything out as an ICAL file. Then I need to do some massaging.

  1. Remove the descriptions from calendar entries; they can be pretty big and that messes up the Agenda view. awk to the rescue.
  2. Fix up the timezone in the entry when there isn't one. sed to the rescue.
  3. Convert ICAL format into the format used by the diary in unix. I run emacs in the batch mode to do that.
  4. Patch the resulting file into the diary

The first three of these steps is done by a little bash script. You can see a few things have been commented out where I've been playing/experimenting/learning.

# customize these

# no customization needed below


# Remove the description from the ICS file

# Creat an empty diary file


# Fix/set the timezone from (no TZ description) to Pacific/Auckland
echo Fixing timezone
sed -i.bak 's/(no TZ description)/Pacific\/Auckland/' $ICS2FILE

# Now do the import
echo emacs -batch --eval="(progn (setq calendar-date-style 'iso) (icalendar-import-file \"$ICS2FILE\" \"$ORGFILE\"))"

emacs -batch --eval="(progn (setq calendar-date-style 'iso) (icalendar-import-file \"$ICS2FILE\" \"$ORGFILE\"))"
# emacs -batch --eval="(icalendar-import-file \"$ICS2FILE\" \"$ORGFILE\")"

Step four is done through the magic of the diary file in ~/.emacs.d/diary

It looks like

#include "/mnt/c/Users/psmith/Dropbox/psmith/Org/exchange-diary"

And in case you hadn't guessed. Outlook is running in plain old Windows 10, and emacs is running under Debian via WSL.

I know I've written about this before, but I've only just got the awk script that strips out the descriptions working; the ical-trim.awk script.

#!/usr/bin/gawk -f
# awk script for converting an iCal formatted file to a sequence of org-mode headings.
# this may not work in general but seems to work for day and timed events from Google's
# calendar, which is really all I need right now...
# usage:
#   ical-trim.awk  < icalinputfile.ics >
# Note: change org meta information generated below for author and
# email entries!
/^DESCRIPTION\:/ { inBlock = 1

inBlock {
    if ( /^[A-Z]/ ) {
        inBlock = 0
    } else { next }
{ print }

I don't pretend that any of this is elegant, but it seems to work.

Rinse and repeat

Meanwhile, how do I run it on a regular basis? I was using Window's task manager, but I scrapped that during debugging and switched to using cron under WSL2. Not straight forward.

My crontab -e looks like:

55 * * * * /mnt/c/Users/psmith/Dropbox/psmith/bin/

I start cron with service cron start. But that's not enough. In windows, I have a Startup short cut that launches cron … a bit messy, yes. But it works.

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