Second Steps in IndieWeb

    After my first steps to IndieWeb, I got a really helpful message from Robbi Nespu. Alas, I've not (yet) got webmentions working in any real way, and the page he commented on had a broken URL (all my problems, not Robbi's).

    He said:

    Hello Peter Smith, How going? I also using Hugo, the getting webmention response working is easier if using a javascript called as PlaidWeb/webmention.js

    Some tips from my experience

    • Setup the h-card because it important and needed for indieAuth (to use some external services such as
    • You may use to inspect if the HTML are parse correctly, you can submit the URL or just paste the raw HTML (even with localhost / addressed inside the source code, it working very well). It save my time during debugging.
    • I also use to preview (check) if all link inside h-entry support webmention. You also can manually send webmention by give a source and target from there.
    • Lastly, validate published web using get your website until level 3.

    Hope this helpful 😀

    So, what's my progress so far? (beside's Robbi's smiley face emoji not displaying correctly in emacs)

    • Level 1: Become a citizen of the IndieWeb

      1. Get your own domain name: Done. Many years ago.
      2. Set up Web Sign In: That was easy. Or it was until I decided to not use <link rel="me" href= ..../>. And once I had that working I too the time to break it again.
    • Level 2: Publishing on the IndieWeb

      1. Check your homepage h-card: I really should read the specs more closely. I bashed my head against a brick wall for a while with this. Even though I used bits of HTML from Aaron Parecki and from Chris Aldrich, it still took too much time.
      2. Check your posts are marked up with h-entry: Not so hard, although I have had to tweak the layout of may pages somewhat. Categories, aren't elegant yet.
    • Level 3: Add the ability to send Webmentions to other IndieWeb sites

    This is a work in progress. I can do it manually using, say, but I've yet to automate things. The bigger challenge is getting other people's Webmentions to appear on my site.

    Update 2022-01-09

    I have just figured out that the posting Robbi did was to a page whose URL was broken; The page should have been and not (notice the extra date in the slug of the posting).

    That little problem has been fixed but it does mean his posting doesn't point anyway (for now) — but I'll fix that in my next update to the blog (using Hugo's ability to have aliases).

    The bigger problem is that the code I am writing to display webmentions would be horribly complicated by dealing with aliases. I cannot see an straightforward way to do that. Sorry Robbi

    If you webmention this page, please let me know the URL of your page.

    BTW: Your webmention won't show up until I next "build" my site.

    Word count: 500 (about 3 minutes)


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