Of tags and categories

I am changing how I use tags and categories in Hugo.

I have to main type of content, my journal entries and my blog entries. Generally, my journal entries are about University life, especially teaching and research, whereas my blog entries are about everything else. So, I have decided that my main categories for each should be:

  • Journal

    • Research
    • Teaching
    • Service
  • Blog

    • Home
    • Travel
    • Tech
    • Arts - the more cultured side of life; movies, theatre, books
    • Work - work things that aren't fit for my journal

And then I will use tags for a more fine-grained, ad-hoc topics within those categories.

Now I just need to rework all my posts to reflect that. But, I was going through them anyway, as I continues to move from using Markdown to Orgmode for my posts.

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BTW: Your webmention won't show up until I next "build" my site.

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