New theme progress

    The first phase creating a new theme is complete. The site renders "ok", and I am pretty pleased with how it looks. It feels clean and elegant.

    A screenshot of my new site layout

    First cut of the TypoTyro theme

    The one question I have is should I change the font for the title of articles … Except for 'code' blocks, I am using a single font throughout the site, so I don't feel bad about adding a second font. Perhaps, something cursive? Adobe's California?

    A sample of Adobe's California font

    A sample of Adobe's California font

    But there would be problems, as using such a font would definitely increase the 'weight' of my pages, and that's something I am actively trying to reduce.

    Anyway, back to the plan for this theme. The next steps are to:

    1. Make it 'responsive' (again).
    2. Get IndieWeb working (again).
    3. Get web-mentions working.

    That last point is the whole reason I started down this 'rabbit hole'. The previous theme didn't really lend itself to accommodating web-mentions (in all their glory).

    If you webmention this page, please let me know the URL of your page.

    BTW: Your webmention won't show up until I next "build" my site.

    Word count: 200 (about 1 minutes)


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