Staedtler Resina

Whilst out walking around Newmarket we went past Gordon Harris, and popped in to have a look. I had been looking elsewhere at the Staedtler Resina fountain pen, and noticed that here it was in a clearance sale. That was too much to resist. The colour choices were limited (hence the black), but they did have the pen with a fine nib (anything broader would have been a too much for me). So, $107 later I have this pen.

The pen writes quite nicely. I'd be surprised if it didn't ☺.

I prefer to use the pen with the cap posted (putting the cap on the back/top of the pen). I find the balance to be better that way; the nib flows across the paper more easily with the cap posted.

Alas, I can't remember which ink I loaded the pen with. Looking at the inks I have laying around, it must be Hebrin's "Rouge Genat". It's a good colour that works well on the slightly creamy paper used in the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted A5 notebooks that I use nowadays (for work). The sample above was done on a Rhodia DotPad (which has a greyish tinge). The Rouge Genat works well on the Rhodia paper too.

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