Caran d'Ache 849

I went back into the office last Tuesday, and sitting on my desk was my trusty TWSBI 580, still full of ink. I've not been in the office for more than 5 months, and the pen had just been sitting there. When I went to use it the cap broke. Stewth! A quick Google search showed that Inkt in Whanganui had replacement caps. As I was browsing their website, I noticed that they had Caran d'Ache 849 pens, and thought "why not". The range of available colours was somewhat limited; many of what I would expect to be popular colours were out of stock. So, I opted for an orange fluro body with a fine nib (surprise, surprise). I also ordered a converter so I can use bottled ink rather than cartridges. Despite them shipping it the same day, there were some delays with NZ Post, but eventually it turned up.

The pen came with one cartridge, which is what I used for this sample.

I don't post the cap when writing with this pen; the cap doesn't 'post' tightly and tends to wobble when writing. That said, the pen writes well un-posted. In fact, I particularly like the feel of nib as it moves over the paper.

The result of this is that I currently have four pens on the go. The Caran d'Ache, the Staedtler Resina, a Waterman (I can't remember the model – it's the one I brought in Amsterdam) and the TWSBI 580.

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