My personal learning environment

It has been nearly 15 years since I wrote about my personal learning environment (PLE), and things have changed a bit. So it's time to update that diagram. And here it is.

What's noticeable, to me anyway, is that Emacs permeates many areas of what I do. Indeed, if I didn't have to collaborate with others, I'd probably drop MS Office entirely.

PowerPoint came back to the fore, as I designed and built out the new Masters of Business Development; so many slides to share with people. That said, if I was really up to speed with something like Inkscape (for diagrams) then I might not use it at all – it is only for diagrams that PowerPoint gets a look in.

In particular it's Org Mode that I really hammer in Emacs. I manage all my tasks in it, and all my notetaking.

Anyway, that's what my PLE now looks like.

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