Adding updates to a page

    I rather like the way Karl Voit shows how pages have been updated on his site. It's not a Hugo site, but I can see the value in doing something like that.

    First, you should know I am using page bundles. It seems clean to have all the 'content' for a page in one place. Secondly, I'm using org files and not .md files (no markdown).

    Rather than actually modify posts when there is an update, I want to add a separate file with the details of the update. In the example below I might have two updates to the blog entry made on 2022-12-27.

    ├── pages
    │   └─ about-me
    │       └──
    ├── blog
    │   └── 2022
    │       └── 12
    │            ├── 27
    │            │  └── a-post
    │            │         ├──
    │            │         ├──
    │            │         └──
    │            ├── 29
    │                 └── another-post
    │                      └──
    ... etc

    To incorporate the updates I have added two parts to my _default/single.html file. The first is a partial to list-extra-content. The second partial is extra-content.

    {{- define "main" -}}
    {{"<!-- _default/single.html -->" | safeHTML }}
    <article class="h-entry">
      <div class="article-content e-content">
        <h2><a href="{{ .Permalink }}" class="title">{{ .Title }}</a></h2>
        {{- partial "article-h-entry" . -}}
        {{- partial "list-extra-content" . }}
        {{- .Content -}}
        {{- partial "extra-content" . -}}
      {{- partial "article-nav" . -}}
    {{- partial "webmentions" . -}}
    {{- partial "listPageResources" . -}}
    {{- end -}}

    The first partial, list-extra-content.html does what it says. It ranges over the pages resources looking for .org files and creates a list of what it finds.

    {{"<!-- partial/list-extra-content.html -->" | safeHTML }}
    <ul class="extra">
      {{- range .Resources.Match "**.org" -}}
      <li><a href="{{ .Permalink}}#{{ .Params.slug }}" class="title" alt="Link to full item">{{ .Title }}</a></li>
      {{- end -}}

    The second partial, extra-content.html incorporates the content of the org files into the page.

    {{"<!-- partial/extra-content.html -->" | safeHTML }}
    {{ with .Resources.ByType "page" }}
        {{ range sort . "" "value" "asc" }}
        <div class="extras">
          <h9><a href="{{ .Permalink}}" id="{{.Params.slug}}" class="title" alt="Link to full item">{{ .Title }}</a></h9>
          {{ .Content }}
        {{- end -}}
    {{- end -}}

    Currently, update file, such as, are structured like this:

    #+title: Updated on 18 December 2022
    #+date: 2022-12-18T11:02:20+13:00
    #+slug: update-18-december-2022
    #+type: update
    I went through and changed all the titles in my existing figures to be captions. It works better that way. I also removed the lazy loading, as most of my figures/images are above the fold.

    I'm not sure I have the 'font matter' in these update files right yet, nor am I sure that the filenames I use for them are right.

    That's because, I have a vague, undeveloped notion, that at some stage I'd like to be able use this approach to incorporate webmentions into a page rather than my current approach of using a .JSON file. If I do that then, I can imagine I'd have a mixture of files such as:

      ... and so on

    Ultimately, maybe one day, at the bottom of the 'post' there will be all the updates, webmentions, backlink etc.

    If you webmention this page, please let me know the URL of your page.

    BTW: Your webmention won't show up until I next "build" my site.

    Word count: 600 (about 3 minutes)


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