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    Here at the University of Auckland, we have access to the library of courses and training from Skillsoft. Browsing through the immense catalogue, I notice a short course (30 minutes or so) on containerised application. So, I thought I would give it ago.

    AWS SysOps Associate 2021: Application Containers badge

    AWS SysOps Associate 2021: Application Containers badge

    You can see that the full name of the course was AWS SysOps Associate 2021: Application Containers. Overall, it was pretty straightforward.

    Well, I say that; the course is based on docker, and I have been using docker for sometime. Consequently, what was talked about in the course wasn't that new to me (other than using the AWS services to run containers). I'm not sure I would have felt that way if I hadn't already been a docker user.

    The course was of the "chalk and talk" variety; there was no interaction, let alone "No try this yourself". From that perspective it wasn't engaging.

    Nevertheless, I learnt enough to get the badge :)

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