Citations in Org Mode

    A fair amount of my writing requires citations (typically using APA formatting).

    Because I used to use reftex (such that it's now a habit) I have set C-c ( to insert a citation by calling citar-insert-citation. This inserts a link like [cite:@whittington_taking_2003]

    As describe This Month in Org, the full format of a citation is:

    The new citations syntax, in full

    The new citations syntax, in full

    • The style and variant determine what form the exported citation takes
    • The common prefix and suffix and put at the start and end of the generated citation, respectively

      • The citation key refers to a Bib(La)TeX or CSL-JSON key
      • The citation prefix and suffix are put before and after the reference to the key
      • Some citation processors recognise locators, which refer to a particular part of the work, for example: p. 7 to refer to page 7.

    Time for some examples, using a bibliography file containing the following entry:

      title = {Taking Strategy Seriously: {{Responsibility}} and Reform of an Important Social Practice},
      author = {Whittington, Richard and Jarzabkowski, Paula A. and Mayer, Michael and Mounoud, El{\'e}onore and Nahapiet, Janine and Rouleau, Linda},
      year = {2003},
      journal = {Journal of Management Inquiry},
      volume = {12},
      number = {4},
      pages = {396--409},
      doi = {10.1177/1056492603258968},
      keywords = {Strategizing,Strategy-as-practice},
      annotation = {00005},
      file = {Z:\PARA\Research\Zotero\storage\CPFDUQ86\Whittington et al_2003_Taking strategy seriously.pdf}


    • [cite:@whittington_taking_2003]
    • (Whittington et al., 2003)


    • /t
    • [cite/t:@whittington_taking_2003]
    • Whittington et al. (2003)

    Text full

    • /a/f
    • [cite/t/f:@whittington_taking_2003]
    • Whittington, Jarzabkowski, Mayer, Mounoud, Nahapiet, & Rouleau (2003)

    No author

    • /na
    • [cite/na:@whittington_taking_2003]
    • (2003)

    No author, bare

    • /na/b
    • [cite/na/b:@whittington_taking_2003]
    • 2003

    Author, bare

    • /a
    • [cite/a/b:@whittington_taking_2003]
    • Whittington et al.

    Author, full

    • /a/f
    • [cite/a/f:@whittington_taking_2003]
    • Whittington, Jarzabkowski, Mayer, Mounoud, Nahapiet, & Rouleau

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