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Thinking about capstone courses Of mountaintops, magnets, and mandates Design for learning


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Knowing how, knowing that, and knowing what Mason and Mitroff Lecturing Student engagement Assessment


Transcribing stuff Crunching numbers Teaching excellence award Project Scribe Theoretical description Write that article ISPIM 2016


Teaching lunch A fork in the road What I look for in a learning journal Feedback to team members Brown smarties Coffee talk Looking forward to semester 2 Kickoff videos Reading and chunking Kick-off videos A brand new day Grice and conversation Spreading the word Risk and innovation


Looking ahead to 2016 Well, that didn't go quite as expected Graduate Profiles and Curriculum Mapping Finding the critical issue Thinking about signature pedagogies Some might call it andragogy Piazza Whoosh Defining learning Reasons for reviewing Towards a clearer purpose Reflective practice Learning, Teaching and Assessment


A consideration of learning and PowerPoint Highlighting learning


The spiral of experiential learning Cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war Bad Dog (redux) Powerpoint and practice Lewin and Change


Picking up the pace My BHAG Traffic and Ramblings Peer Evaluations Zotero and commas Multitasking Prescription for textbooks Boots and all Yale on writing Decision-making expertise


The economics of textbook


Referring to Referencite Whither learning styles? Group projects Dealing with plagiarism in the digital age Learning and knowing The first entry Grading A vision of students ... tomorrow A vision of students


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Course Syllabus Bad Dog Teaching Management The copycat syndrome: Plagiarists at work


Setting assignments Average Grades--The average of grades MMICC: McGill Management International Case Competition Bad Dog Grading A few new projects Argentina Back to the future


Frameworks The exam Questions from MGMT 101 students


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Writing a proposal Day two