Quotations from the final presentations

31 May 2004

The teams gave their final presentations today. Here are some quotations (well, this is what I copied down) taken out of context – but the truth is out there.

“We didn’t use what we learnt in the practise rollovers in the real rollovers” (Random Bikes)

“We thought that everybody … thought like us” (Plan 9)

“We talked a lot about strategy … but never really had one” (Cyclomatrix)

“You can’t be nice in business” (Sexy Bikes R Us)

“We’re only near the top because those below us were pretty pitiful” (J Bikes)

“It was all luck” (Da Bomb)

“We didn’t know what we were doing” (Cyclomatrix)

“Amit was inconsolable” (Pantheon Peddles)

“We thought we knew what we were doing … we were wrong” (Armstrong Bikes)

“We haven’t learnt anything in this course” (The lads in Unique) “It shows” (Voices off)

“It is better to use [good] judgement rather than simple rules” (Unique)

“We found most of our success in destroying wealth” (Random Bikes)

“None of us had any understanding of the simulation … so we became a learning team, rather than a performance team” (Random Bikes)

“our perfect strategy kicks in … it was a demonstration of our superior talent and teamwork” (Performance Bikes)

“I lied” (Performance Bikes)

“We were actually very lucky” (Performance Bikes–the wining team)

“Our biggest problem was the lack of criticism of ideas” (Random-Bikes)