My About Me page provides a thumbnail sketch of who I am. This page, is more about what I'm doing and planning to do now.

    The biggest thing is that I'm now on Research and Study Leave (RSL/sabbatical) for a year (until 23 January 2023). So much of what I'm doing now—work wise—is about my research projects.

    Travel plans

    I am now back in New Zealand.

    I also hope to take a short break before then to visit family in Australia. This will how happen in the new year

    Research projects

    1. Instructional design for interdisciplinary learning (AoM) - R&R in process
    2. Orchestrating multi-sided platforms (Journal of Information Technology)
    3. The comminication of science. This was reject and is now being reworked to address its shortcomings.
    4. Thoughtworlds (Human Relations)
    5. Wayfinding and internationalisation
    6. Planning for what I will do for EGOS 2024 in Milan


    • (re)Learning German. Even though I have returned from Switzerland, I am continuing with learning German.


    • Some cosy crime (Shetaland; is that really cosy)

    Listening to

    • My own playlist of what I like to most
    • Re-recording all my CDs. When I first started doing it them, I did pretty low quality MP3 recordings. Now I am redoing them all as FLAC files. The hard part will be re-integrating them into iTunes (probably as ALAC files).
    • Tagging all my classical music correctly, and so listening to a lot of classics.


    • A. C. Grayling — The frontiers of knowledge: What we know about science, history and the mind I am mainly reading this for the last section on the mind and cognitive neuroscience.
    • The joys of Libby; listening to too many audio books ::smile::

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