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2015 Teaching portfolio

This teaching portfolio supported my 2015 application for a University of Auckland teaching excellence award on the basis of innovation in teaching.


2008 Teaching portfolio

This teaching portfolio supported my 2008 application

About me

I am a teacher and lecturer at the University of Auckland, where my main teaching and research activity is in the field of strategy. I am particularly interested in Strategy-as-practice (a practice-based view of strategy), Professional service firms, especially engineering firms, and Innovation as strategy, especially technology roadmapping (TRM). My consulting activity is focused on strategy for high-technology firms. I my spare time, I can be found enjoying running, and drinking coffee. [more]

Site policies

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As Brian A. Maicke asks, “So what exactly is a colophon?” Well Google says: colophon ˈkɒləf(ə)n noun a publisher’s emblem or imprint, usually on the title page of a book. historical a statement at the end of a book, typically with a printer’s emblem, giving information about its authorship and printing. How then, is this site put together; or as some other folk might ask, “What’s the tool chain for producing this site? [more]