16 November 2016 Peter Smith


As Brian A. Maicke asks, “So what exactly is a colophon?” Well Google says:




  • a publisher’s emblem or imprint, usually on the title page of a book.


  • a statement at the end of a book, typically with a printer’s emblem, giving information about its authorship and printing.

How then, is this site put together; or as some other folk might ask, “What’s the tool chain for producing this site?”


My platform of choice is FreeBSD. It is boringly reliable. I can install most any software I need, and it does not need rebooting much (and certainly not as inconsiderately as Windows 10).

However, these days, my main PC runs Windows 10, and I run Debian under WSL2 for all my ‘unix’ needs.

That being said, I host the site via Netlify. The current status of my build is: Netlify Status

Hey, its all static content so no heavy lifting is required.

Writing: Emacs

After many years of being a vi/vim user, I am now getting to grips with the beast that is Emacs. I got into Emacs so that I could experience the joys of orgmode.

Site Generation: Hugo

I have used many ways of generating sites. Oringally, I hand-coded HTML. Then came a templating engine. Then—for many years—there was MovableType. That was followed by Wordpress. More recently, in an effort to keep things simple and stable–I have moved to having a static site. At first that was Pelican (because I knew python), but more recently I have gone with Hugo. It is quick to rebuild my site and has no real dependencies.

Responsive Layout: Foundation

My orginal Hugo theme came from Kieran Healy, and he used the Kube CSS framework from Impervari. As I redesigned the site, I have stuck with the same CSS framework. Nothing fancy, just plain-ole CSS.


My font choice is the default provided by Kube. Font Awesome provides the scalable icons, as they do for so much of the web.

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