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Thank's for such a useful posting. It really helped me a lot in terms of the behind-the-scenes work I needed to do, and with the front-of-curtain stuff (how I could make things look).

The way in which you showed 'replies', 'likes', and 'shares' was really clever IMHO.

Now I need to automate a few things, whilst checking that my 'micro-formatting' is correct all the time. I hit a brick wall for weeks, trying to debug why my 'replies' and 'likes' weren't showing up on Aaron P's test site. Eventually, I tracked it down to an errant p-name in one of the <div> classes I was using.

In particular, you also converted me to Thanks for that too.

If you webmention this page, please let me know the URL of your page.

BTW: Your webmention won't show up until I next "build" my site.

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